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Visual Analytics

Bring data to life.

Visual analytics is about finding insights hidden within your data which is why we create solutions using platforms powered by associative, in-memory analytics engines.

It is this associative, in-memory technology that enables users to analyse and freely navigate data in an intuitive way to find that hidden piece of business value. User selections and calculations are computed at runtime against data stored in-memory.

Results are returned to users via a zero footprint web interface delivered seemlessly on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and through embedded analytics. We offer a highly interactive, associative experience in which users can freely navigate through data with little to no constraint in their analysis path. Designed at heart to support self-service visualization in a scalable, secure, and governable way.

Our solutions can be deployed on a single server and scale vertically and horizontally to address the availability and processing requirements of your deployment, whether on premise or in the cloud.

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  • Interactive dashboard design
  • UI and visualisation design
  • Comparative and predictive analysis
  • Report design and testing
  • Basket analysis
  • Mashup design
  • Geospatial and mapping analysis
  • Static report generation and distribution

Embedded Analytics

Enrich your existing applications.

Embedded analytics can range from a simple solution such as embedding objects in web mash-ups to far more complex use cases. Include embedding a wide range of analytic capabilities with visualizations directly into applications, such as ERP, CRM or financial management; to help provide relevant insights immediately within a business user’s typical working environment.