We are data dreamers. Meet the team.

We dedicate ourselves to helping businesses make sense of data so they can reach their data dream. We are involved in all aspects of this process, from initial scoping and advice through to development, deployment and on-going support. Striving to deliver outstanding BI solutions and maintain our excellent reputation for delivery.

Prima Consulting UK is an independent UK company using intellectual property developed by Prima Consulting in Australia. While working for Prima Consulting in Australia, Joseph Lovell was instrumental in developing intellectual property to rapidly provision sustainable business intelligence solutions. Upon his return to the UK in 2017, Joseph has established Prima Consulting UK to make that same successful approach to business intelligence available to clients in the UK.


Joseph Lovell


Director & CEO

Joe is responsible for the day to day management of Prima Consulting UK and is the driving force behind the company.

Joe is a commercially-astute consultant, developer and BI enthusiast with a 10+ year comprehensive background in Business Intelligence consultancy. He develops, maintains and oversees all relationships to ensure the successful delivery of all our solutions. 

Joe’s professional and friendly approach has ensured that we manage and exceed all expectations while he continues to strive to deliver outstanding BI solutions and maintain his excellent reputation for delivery.

Rob Riegert

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Managing Director

Rob has been active in ICT industry for 20+ years. He has worked as a consultant to enterprise and government clients in information management and data analytics.  Rob started Prima Consulting AU with a mission to provide the best reporting and analytical solutions to businesses.

Rob is a strategic thinker with an ability to identify mature and emerging technologies and apply these to real world issues.

His ability to identify solutions to complex problems has meant Rob has been sought out by business leaders and government ministers to provide advice and opinions on how information technology may influence business direction and policy.

Karen Riegert


Shared Services Director

Shared Services director with responsibility for Finance, Legal and HR operations and strategy. Karen holds degrees in Finance and Accounting. Before establishing Prima Consulting, Karen established and operated a successful consultancy specialising in workcover claims prevention and management. The client base consisted of many of Australia's largest logistics and transporation companies. She is our financial brains that supports the delivery power house. 

Our Values

Our mission is to be acknowledged as the leading provider of Business Intelligence solutions and strategies. We will achieve our mission through a culture of excellence, created by fostering a positive, client focused and vibrant workforce who enjoy continuous learning and improvement. Here at Prima Consulting UK we value the following. 

Customer Satisfaction: We have external Customers whose expectations we understand and meet or exceed with pleasure.

Excellence: We are committed to excellence.

Responsibility: We take our responsibilities seriously.

Improvements: We seek to continuously improve our performance.

Achievement: We are achievers as individuals and as a group.

Enthusiasm: We take an enthusiastic approach to everything we do.

Team Work: We respect and support each other.

Enjoyment: We enjoy working.

Cleanliness: We keep our workplace clean and orderly.

Environmental: We care about the environment.

Sustainability: We choose sustainable options to reduce our environmental impact.