Data Management

Take control of your data.

Data Management solutions meet at the intersection of big data and business analytics. An increasing number of companies now require data management soltuions to allow the running of complex analysis on disparate data. These demands are being filled with both on-premise, hybrid and cloud platforms that allow for flexible deployment, ingestion, integration, governance and security.

Our data management solutions allow us to draw data from these disparate sources into a single source of truth. Transforming and cleansing the data along with applying a series of data governance and security frameworks to ensure data is both controlled yet open enough to allow business users to get access to the data they need, whilst still giving IT the ability to monitor and manage the data in a way that they become the provider of data and the reporting solution rather than the producer of reports.

  • Data ETL
  • Data Science
  • Data cleansing
  • Security modelling
  • Data sharing and governance
  • API creation and governance
  • Framework and best practise